Palestine Underground Music Scene Is Uniting The People In 2019

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When we think of Palestine, sadly we don’t usually think of underground music.

With demolition threats, political upheaval and violent clashes, it hardly seems a place to have a party.

Ramallah, a city in Palestine in the central west bank around 10Km north of Jerusalem, also serves as the de facto administrative capital of the Palestinian National Authority.

In a courtyard within the city walls in June last year, the popular underground music channel boiler room made their first broadcast from Palestinian Territory.

So if this happened in June last year why are we talking about it now?

Well, since their broadcast from Palestine, Sama’s set from the local Haifa-based Jazar Crew has had 1.6 Million views on Youtube.

The Youtube video shows the female DJ Sama playing out to locals from Palestine, both men and women from the same culture, enjoying a drink, a smoke and having a great time.

This video is testament to people coming together and demonstrates that the underground music scene really is about bringing people together to share their love for musical frequencies.

Some comments from Youtube say:

This is real underground, this is Palestine

Palestinians are beautiful people, hospitable, educated, artistic and creative… may these people witness everlasting peace and dignity’

This party is one of the most beautiful things they had ever seen… leave these beautiful people alone, let them dance!

This is a massive step for underground artists not only from the war torn parts of the middle east but from underground artists from other political hardships, war torn countries and low socioeconomic backgrounds.  

We love this video at UMR and we hope to see more parties in locations like this for many years to come.

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